Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe | Review & Swatches

Bronzer Wardrobe 1

Welcome to Bronzer Heaven, my friends!  When this little baby showed up on my doorstep, I just about died.  Thank you, Too Faced, for ensuring that never again will I be without bronzer.  They just released this gorgeous set that includes the eight bronzers pictured above plus their amazing kabuki brush to forever fulfill any and all of your bronzing needs.  You’re welcome.

I’ve always been a fan of their classic Chocolate Soleil bronzer, but after trying all of these, I think that they do even better work elsewhere.  Jump down to explore each of these babies individually!

milk chocolate Milk Chocolate Soleil – a light, warm-toned matte bronzer.  This is a perfect option for contouring or warming up lighter skin tones, and of course, smells like chocolate.  Yum!

chocolate soleil Chocolate Soleil – Their classic, most well known matte bronzer.  It’s definitely their most universal shade that is warm toned, but not too orangey and works well on light to medium skin tones.  Again with the chocolate smell!

dark chocolate Dark Chocolate Soleil – a darker, warmer version of their classic.  I find this to be a bit too orangey for my taste, but it still smells delicious.

endless summer Endless Summer – a long-wearing, medium toned bronzer with a slight shimmer.  This has really quickly become a staple in my routine for all over bronzing.

sun bunny Sun Bunny – a warm, medium toned bronzer with a satin finish.  This would be a good all over bronzer if you’re in to a dewier look.  It would also be pretty swept along the cheekbones as a blush in the summer!

beach bunny Beach Bunny – a warm, rosey toned bronzer with a hint of shimmer.  If Endless Summer and Sun Bunny had a baby, it would be Beach Bunny.

snow bunny Snow Bunny – a light, rosey toned bronzer with shimmer.  The PERFECT summer highlighter.

pink leopard Pink Leopard – a medium toned, mauve bronzer/blush combo.  This has become a fast favorite of mine and will definitely be my go-to blush in the warmer months of Spring and Summer.

Kabuki The Bronzer Wardrobe also comes with this beautiful, retractible kabuki brush.  It’s super soft and feels amazing on the face!

BW Cards In true Too Faced form, they give you cards with different looks for you to try, as well as a few blank cards so that you can write down your favorite creations and combos.

BW Swatches

These bronzers can all be purchased individually for $30 (just click on their names above), but if you are a bronzing fanatic like myself, just go for the whole shebang and purchase the wardrobe for $198.  You’ll save yourself $76, which is pretty sweet.

Now go forth and bronze yourselves.


*Disclaimer:  Too Faced was kind enough to share this with me for my review and consideration, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own!  Some of the above links are affiliate links.*

Madam Glam Nail Polish | Haul & Swatches

I’ve got some new polishes to share with y’all today!  I have tried Madam Glam polishes in the past and really enjoyed them, so I jumped at the chance to add a few more colors to my collection.  Naturally, I chose a whole bunch of neutrals — both light and dark — plus a super fun top coat.

In Love

In Love – pale pink creme polish;  opaque in 3 coats as shown.  Great for an everyday neutral nail!

Flirty Mood

Flirty Mood – lavender creme polish; opaque in 2 coats as shown.  The perfect Spring color!

Plum Heartless

Plum Heartless – dark purple creme polish; opaque in 3 coats as shown.  An awesome alternative to black!

Electric Five

Electric Five – navy blue creme polish; opaque in 3 coats as shown.  Another fun dark polish to have in your collection!

Matte TC

Matte Top Coat – this stuff is awesome!  It mattifies as it dries and can totally change up the look of all your favorite polishes.

All of their polishes are 5-free, cruelty free, vegan, and apply like a dream.  The formula is easy to work with and lasts well on the nails.

If you’re interested in checking out the rest of their collection, click here and don’t forget to use code “GLOWOFGRACE30″ to get 30% off your Madam Glam order!

*Disclaimer: These polishes were sent for my review & consideration.  As always, my opinions are 100% honest & my own.*

Coastal Scents Revealed3 Palette | Review & Swatches

Revealed 2

Coastal Scents is launching the latest in its Revealed line today!  I bring you the brand new Revealed3 in all of its beautiful, jewel toned glory.

Revealed 1

Let me bring you back to the good ole days of SAT prep with a few analogies.  If the original Revealed palette is to the Urban Decay Naked & Naked2, and the Revealed2 is to the Naked3, then the Revealed3 is to a Vice palette.  These twenty shadows are a gorgeous collection of neutrals, jewel tones, mattes, satins, and shimmers.  The formulas are buttery and nicely pigmented as you’re about to see.

Revealed 3 Revealed 4

The colors swatch even warmer and richer than they appear in the palette.  The mattes are slightly chalky, but really…what matte shadows aren’t?  Those satin shadows though!  How stunning are they?!

Revealed 7 Revealed 8

This section of the palette is really focused on the beautiful jewel tones.  The colors just pop in the satin formula, and that plummy shade (second from the right) has some flecks of pink micro glitter to tie it back to the shadow on its left.

Revealed 5 Revealed 6

Say hello to one of my favorite sections of Revealed3!  Y’all know how much this brown-eyed girl loves her purple shadows! That middle shade is a heavily glittered matte shadow and the satiny taupe on the end swatches much warmer than it appears in the pan.

Revealed 9 Revealed 10

This last section would make for some really pretty smokey eyes!  That black on the end is a matte shadow with silver micro glitter–perfect for adding drama to any look.

I love this palette and can’t wait to play around with it!  If you’ve had your eye on any of the other Revealed palettes, I recommend picking up this one.  It definitely doesn’t replace the others, but it’s got the best of both worlds — every day neutrals and rosy plums.  PLUS you get the jewel tones!

These palettes sell for $20 which is some serious bang for your buck.  You are basically getting twice as many shadows as a Naked palette for less than half the cost, and you can’t beat a deal like that!

*Disclaimer:  Coastal Scents sent me this palette for my review and consideration prior to the launch.  As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own!*




Sedona Lace PrettyLilMzGrace Brush Set Review

SL Grace 1

Ever since Sedona Lace launched this set as a collaboration with PrettyLilMzGrace, I’ve wanted to get my hands on these brushes.  I’m not going to lie…the one I wanted most is that beauty on the right.  The highly coveted, flat-topped brush that is designed for sculpting out the perfect cheekbones.  If any of these brushes is going to draw you into clicking “Place Order,” it’s that one.  However, after testing them out, I’m more than happy to report that each and every brush from this set has become a staple in my routine.

SL Grace 2

The PrettyLilMzGrace set contains two domed crease brushes of varying sizes, a larger domed brush, and the aforementioned sculpting brush.  They’re part of Sedona Lace’s synthetic vegan line and the bristles are just unbeatably soft and supple.

SL Grace 311

The 311 is the smallest of the set and is perfect for creating crease definition–especially for those of us who don’t have big eyelids.  I find myself using this with a dark shadow in the outer corner and up into the crease.

SL Grace 307

The 307 is just a slightly larger version of the 311.  I use this to contour my lids and find it handy for simultaneous application and blending.

SL Grace 313

If the previous two brushes are Baby Bear and Mama Bear, then here we have Papa Bear in the 313. It’s the perfect brush for setting under eye concealer, and we all know I can’t go a day without that!

SL Grace 316

And for the grand finale, we have the 316 brush that drew me to the set in the first place.  There has been a lot of hype over brushes of this design lately, and I have to say that I love it every bit as much as I thought I would. It makes contouring those cheekbones a piece of cake!

In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of these brushes and you’ll definitely be seeing them pop up in my tutorials soon.  Sedona Lace, you’ve done it again.  And for that, my face thanks you.

You can pick up this set for yourself by clicking here, and don’t forget to use code “glowofgrace” for a discount off all Sedona Lace products!

*Disclaimer: These brushes were sent for my review and consideration.  As always, my opinions are 100% honest & my own. Some links above are affiliate links.*



The Balm Read My Lips | Review & Swatches

Read My Lips 1

Who doesn’t love a good gloss? I received these in a recent haul from The Balm and absolutely fell in love.  I have to admit that I haven’t worn lip gloss much in the past six years since I’ve been with my husband because he’s not really a fan.  I mean who doesn’t love a sticky, glittery, colorful kiss that they have to immediately wipe off?

Read My Lips has me back on the gloss train though.  They’re beautiful and super hydrating, but not too sticky.  And just look at those colors…they’re practically art! The range of shades is sure to fit any look, mood, or outfit, and the comic-inspired names are just an added bonus.

Read my Lips 2

I love each and every one, but GRRR! has been a personal fave of mine.  There have been few days in the past the month that I’ve gone without this gorgeous plummy nude.

Read My Lips 3

Each of these glosses swatch beautifully, but as you can see, there is quite a range in the opacity of the formula.  The lighter colors tend to be more sheer while the brighter and darker colors are nearly a liquid lipstick.

I’m going to do a review and swatches of all of the products I received in an upcoming video, and I thought it would be fun to do lip swatches of these beauties!  What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! xo


*Disclaimer: These products were sent for my consideration, but as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own!*