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Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m a happy, fun-loving girl looking to inspire others to infuse their lives with beauty and grace.  I’m happily married to my best friend in the entire world and have been blessed with the best and most supportive family and friends a girl could ever ask for!

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I began my career in fashion merchandising with Abercrombie & Fitch and, later, EXPRESS.  I enjoyed this crazy fast paced life in fashion for two years, but decided to hit the road with my husband who plays baseball.  Now, in our semi-nomadic lifestyle, I’m fortunate enough to meet countless women who never cease to inspire me.

I have always loved makeup and wanted to share the little knowledge I’ve gathered over the years with my wonderful network of women.  My makeup addiction and desire to inspire drove me to create this blog.  I am a firm believer that beauty starts on the inside and a lady must always act with grace, even when life throws us those nasty curveballs that nobody is fond of.  I also believe that beauty is more than just the makeup on your face or the shoes on your feet.  It is about being graceful and letting the glow of grace radiate outward to create a more beautiful you.

Best & Blessings,


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi love your work I’m getting married soon and could kill for your beautiful white teeth! Can you tell me what you use or dentist uses and how offen

    1. Thanks so much!! Congrats on your wedding :) How exciting. Enjoy every moment!! I have used Crest White Strips in the past, but my teeth have always been really white. I don’t (and never have) drink soda or coffee. On occasion, I’ll drink tea, but always through a straw. My suggestion would be crest white strips (there are also super cheap DIY teeth whitening pastes on pinterest), and then stay away from soda and coffee until your big day!

  2. I am in love with your videos… You are so inspiring to me and down to earth! I am trying to find a good bible study I could do along with my boyfriend I to start off the new year right. Suggestions? I love how you incorporate your faith and also beauty in your blog as well as videos! My 2 most favorite things! Much love!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m actually doing a Daily Bible series on my blog, and I’d love to have you both join me!! Check out my recent posts for more details and info. :)

  3. Hi Rachel, I am sorry if this message could be considered intrusive but I had a question regarding your newest give away. I have never entered one before but I have watched every single one of your videos and I decided to enter this one. I did all the steps but I wasn’t sure where you wanted me to tell you where I am from..so I will tell you on here where I am not spamming your comments section. :)
    I am from Canada and if chosen I can promise you I would probably be the most appreciative winner ! I buy my makeup from elf (as well as my Ipsy bag) due to budget and watching your videos I’d love to try so many of the products I see you use. I would post a “look” video the very day it arrived! :)

    Anyways while I’m already messaging I thought I would tell you congrats on the pregnancy and I’m really enjoying the videos your posting of it as someday soon, when my finances are better, i would love to have a child too. Please keep making videos, even when your a super busy mom! They brighten up my day. :)

  4. I just came across your channel today and just wanted to say thank you for just being so open and steadfast in your faith. Like you, I have grown up in a Christian family and very dedicated to my relationship with The Lord. It was so great to come across your channel from a suggestion on YouTube and you be just so open about putting your faith first. In a the social media world there is so much immorality and your channel was just a breath of fresh air. I just wanted to write you and encourage you to keep sharing your faith because somedays it may be looked at negatively with your followers but it’s was very encouraging to me that you are open about evangelizing and a main reason I subscribed to you. Thank you and Congratulations on your baby girl.

    1. Thank you so so much for your kind words! I’ve been given this platform by God and I’m going to use it to spread the Good News! I’m so grateful to have wonderful subbies and sisters in Christ like yourself! xo

  5. I love your videos on YouTube. You seem like a very calm & laid back person. I hope to see more amazing vlogs in the future.

    1. Thanks for coming to check out my blog! I just uploaded a tutorial on how I’ve been styling my short hair. Hope you enjoy it! xo

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