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Category: DIYs

DIY Spa Kit

As part of this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, I thought it would be fun to include a DIY Spa Kit since every woman loves the chance to pamper herself.  We’ll be calling it a Fancy Lady Bath Kit since that’s how Gracie refers to her baths in my big tub.  She absolutely loves…

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DIY Meal Planner

The new year usually means new resolutions, especially in regards to our health.  We all know that I’m not the workout girl, but the food girl.  So instead of encouraging you to hit the gym, I figured I should give you some insight into my meal planning system.  Planning your meals for the week…

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DIY Makeup Organizer

We in the Youtube beauty community make it seem like you’re not organized unless you’ve got a whole room full of Ikea drawers dedicated to your collection.  The average woman just does not have or need that much makeup, but she still needs to be organized.  This basket allows me to organize all of my…

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DIY Card Organizer

As I’ve gotten more and more into card making this past year, the more I’ve felt the need for a place to store them all.  Whether you prefer your cards to be of the DIY variety or store bought, this card organizer is perfect for you.  It’s not only storage, but also full of all…

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DIY Mason Jar Succulents

I saw this really cool painting technique one day whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed and knew I had to try it out!  Using nail polish as your paint also seems to fit my theme really well — the beauty guru turned lifestyle maven. I have all of these fun, bright Spring polishes,…

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DIY Stationary Set

We can all thank my amazing card-making mother for getting me into paper crafts.  You should seriously see her craft room.  Maybe I’ll tour y’all around there some day.  Her addiction to card making is starting to wear off on me, so for today’s HGTV Handmade takeover, I’ve done a DIY Stationary Set….

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DIY Spring Wreath

Welcome to my HGTV Handmade Channel takeover!  This week I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite Spring DIY’s with y’all, so be sure to go over there and subscribe so you don’t miss out.  For my HGTV debut, I made a Spring Wreath.  I absolutely love making wreaths for our front door,…

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