Hair Secrets vs Bellami Extensions: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Happy Friday, friends!  Ever since I posted a picture on Instagram last week of my new extensions, the comments and questions have been flooding in about which ones I think are better–Bellami or Hair Secrets.  I love them both, but there are a few differences that I thought would be easiest to share in a blog post.  I don’t want you to think that I’m now raving about Bellami because they were the most recent company to send me a set, and that the Hair Secrets are being left in the dust.  I’m not that girl who’s going to be pushing a product on you just because it’s sent for my review.  I will always give you my honest opinion, and in order for me to help you the most, I need to give you a couple of options, right?  With that being said, I’ll jump right in to my summaries of each company so that you can choose which set of extensions is right for you.

Hair Secrets Extensions

Hair Secrets Extensions

Watch my full review HERE.

– 100% double-drawn, Remy human hair
– Wefts are thick from top to bottom
– Offer 2 sets: Ultimate Volume 20″ (7 wefts) & For Fine Hair 20″ (5 wefts)
– 30 shades to choose from, including 5 multi-tonal shades
– Amazing staff will help color match you via email
– Quality clips that are easy to use and don’t slip
– The wefts are easy to maneuver, and all 7 fit nicely on your head
– Each set comes in an organza bag & cardboard tube that are excellent for storage
– Ship internationally

– There is no way to test the color before opening the extensions, and once opened, they cannot be returned.
– The wefts are quite thick, so teasing is required to hide them, and they can feel quite heavy.
– The thickness of the wefts also makes it essential to get the extensions cut into your own hair for a more natural look.
– They are based in Australia, so shipping takes about 2 weeks.

– Ultimate Volume Set (20″, 7 wefts): $210
– For Fine Hair Set (20″, 5 wefts): $170
(Please note: They have raised their prices since I did my initial review.  These are the current prices.)
– Because they’re an international purchase, there is approximately an extra $15 for customs fees and taxes.
– Shipping is $19 since it’s international.
**Coupon Code: glow10 for $10 off you purchase

On me:
Ultimate Volume Set in Celebrity Meltdown

Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair Extensions

Watch my full review HERE.

– 100% double-drawn, Remy human hair
– Wefts are thick from top to bottom
– Offer 2 sets: Bellissima 220g 22″ & Bambina 160g 20″
– Offer 2 sets of clip in bangs: Cleopatra (blunt) & Side Swept
– 10 shades to choose from
– Amazing staff will help color match you via email
– There is a trial weft to ensure a color match before opening the full set
– Quality clips that are easy to use and don’t slip
– The wefts are easy to maneuver and layer in nicely with your own hair
– Wefts lay flat, are extremely lightweight, and virtually undetectable
– Ship internationally
– US shipping only takes 3-5 days

– The original packaging is not ideal for storage or reuse
– Each set comes with 10 wefts, which are difficult for me personally to comfortably fit on my head.  (I only wear about 7 of the wefts at most.)

– Bellissima Set (22″, 220g): $210
– Bambina (20″, 160g): $160
– Shipping is a flat rate $5
**Coupon Code: glow5 for $5 off you purchase

On me:
Bellissima Set in Mochachino

That’s a quick little overview for y’all so that you can decide which set of extensions is right for you!  I love them both, and I know that both sets will get use.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this side by side comparison, and that you found it helpful.  If you have any additional questions that I didn’t answer here, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

Best & Blessings,

**Disclaimer: Both sets of extensions were provided by the companies for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% honest & my own.**

25 thoughts on “Hair Secrets vs Bellami Extensions: Which Ones Are Right for You?

  1. These pics are super cute! Both sets look so natural. Great pros and cons comparison. Thank you!

  2. I am such a big fan of your youtube channel and your website where you explains everything about lots of things! I try as much as possible to look at your channel .. lets say about 4 times a week! :) :) And I just wanted to say that your channel is AMAZING! The tutorials are great, the explanations also, everything is clear! I am loving it!

    Beside that! Your article on extensions is great. I’m not a big fan on extensions though just only because i know it does not look good on me.. I’ll probably wear some for a wedding event for example for a special hairstyle but not for an everyday look.

    Though the ones that you propose looks super natural and looks easy to put on. :)

    1. Aw thank you so much!! You’re so sweet. I’m so happy that you enjoy my channel, and I am so grateful for your support!! xo

  3. Thank you for the great article!! i have since gone ahead to purchase Hair Secrets (love love love the blunt cut) and I can’t wait to receive mine!

    i might consider getting Bellami too. :D

    1. You’re so welcome! I hope you love them as much as I do. And I do love my Bellamis too, so you know I recommend those as well!! xo

  4. This article is great and I love your blog. I have a few questions that’s weren’t addressed in your article. Can you advise which of the 2 are Thicker. Which tangles the most and which ones shed the most? This info would really help. Thanks a lot :)

    1. Thank so much!! I’d say that the Bellami’s are thicker. They have more wefts that are thinner, whereas the Hair Secrets have fewer wefts that are quite thick. That’s why I prefer my Bellami’s…I don’t wear them all at once, so I have more control over the amount of volume I get. And the Hair Secrets MUST be cut to look natural with your own hair. I’d say the Bellami’s tangle slightly less, but I haven’t had many tangling issues with either one. And I’d say they’re about the same for shedding. I haven’t experienced any major shedding with either one. I mean, they both shed a little, but I don’t think you could ever expect ZERO shedding from extensions. Hope this helps!!! Don’t forget I have coupon codes for both! :)

  5. Hi, I just have a few questions. Starting with how long have you had your bellami extensions and did the company pay you to say any of the things you said? I just want to make sure, there’s a lot of reviews but it’s hard to tell if there’re honest. Thank you

    1. I’ve had my Bellamis for a long time and I still love them! And nope, I’m not paid to say any of the things that I post. I’m always honest with my viewers!

  6. Hi, I love how bellami looks on you! I would love to order them, but I worry that they won’t exactly match my red hair color. Do you have any tips on how to color them and what color to use. I am so worried that I will mess them up because I have never colored hair myself before :) Also, I was wondering if I have short hair, is it ok to get 220g just in case? Thank you!!!!

    1. Sorry for the late response! I think the 220g should be fine with short hair. As for coloring them…I’ve not done it myself. I have colored my own hair, but never my extensions. I know that Kayley Melissa has done videos on this very topic though, so I would check out her channel on YT!

  7. Hello! I love your review!!
    With the bellamis can you easily put your hair up? Or does it look funky? I want to get some, but want to be able too wear it many different ways. Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the late response! You can totally put your hair up with these extensions! You may have to clip them in differently depending on the style, but it’s not hard at all!

    1. It’s totally a personal preference, but I like the Bellami clips better. The wefts tend to lay flatter on my head, but I do love them both!

  8. Hey I was hoping you could give me advice on which set would be best for my needs im pretty sure I know which one i want but id love a second opinion.

    let me explain my situation. so over the last few months i have been loosing a lot of hair at first i didnt pay much mind to it until i noticed it persisting and my hair was becoming visibly thinner. i went to the doctor and he told me it is most likely stress and after blood work said its also low vit d so im currently correcting both of those issues. however in the mean time my hair is very thin and its just so sad to see every day my pony tails are scrawny and braids are lifeless. i just cant stand it not being full and beautiful anymore. so i want extensions.
    i have naturally curly hair too so it tangles easy. and ill want to wear the extensions very often and do pony tails and buns with them frequently.
    based on the info ive given you which would you recommend for me?
    sorry this is so long
    thank you!
    love your videos btw

    1. Sorry for the late reply!! I would personally recommend the Bellami because the wefts tend to lay flatter on the head. I think it would work best for thin hair. Hope this helps!! xo

  9. Ok, what can you tell me about the difference between the Bellissima and Lilly hair? Lilly is quite a bit more expensive and only 40g heavier. Is it that mucyh of a difference if I won’t be wearing them all of the time?

    1. It’s just a different line and the volume is the difference, but if you aren’t going to wear them all the time, I would just go with the Bellissima!

  10. Hi!
    I have really fine and thin hair. I just ordered Hair Secret and am worried that the clips win’t clip or hold in my hair. Any feedback on such issues?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I think you’ll be fine with the HS clips! I have very fine hair as well and they work great for me. :)

  11. What brand and color do you use to dye your hair when wearing the Bellamy mochachino extensions?

    1. Mochachino is pretty much a perfect match for my own natural hair color. But I’d have to say it’s quite close to the Natural Instincts Dark Brown.

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