Welcome to my first ever nail tutorial–featuring Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Iconic Indigo.  My mom first told me about this innovative, new polish because she wanted to see how it worked, so of course, my beauty blogger self ran right out to buy it.  And naturally, I’ve been dying to do a tutorial for you, so here it is!

Products mentioned:
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color (Iconic Indigo)
Seche Clear
Seche Vite

On me:
Forever 21 Lace Tank (as mentioned in this haul)

As I mentioned in my video, the magnet does not always magnetize the entire nail, especially if you’re doing this on your toes.  This would be my only real complaint about this product, but like I said, you can magnetize the nail again by repositioning the magnet.  The result is not a perfect wave pattern, but it still adds the nice rippled effect and each nail doesn’t have to be exactly the same!! Have fun and play with it–this is such a fun product!!

I also mentioned a black tie event that I have to go to next week for a charity organization I’m a part of.  Thanks to Rent the Runway, I’ve got this gorgeous David Meister dress on its way!   Do you think I should do my nails like this or go for my usual neutral pink? Or do you have a totally different idea for me? Let me know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

As a side note, Rent the Runway is this fabulous website where you can rent designer dresses for pretty much any occasion at really reasonable prices that vary depending on the original retail price of the dress.  Need a dress and want an invite to this gem of a site?  Email me at glowofgrace@gmail.com and I’ll send one your way!

Thanks for your support! You all mean the world to me! Next Smoked tutorial coming in a few days, so keep an eye out.