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Pretty Little Liars: Mona’s Makeup & OOTD for Back to School

We’re almost all caught up, friends!!! Hooray!!  Before I jump into my Mona pictures, I want to walk you through some changes that I’ll be making to how I run things here on GlowofGrace.com.  Instead of doing an individual post for each and every YT video, I will be doing weekly updates with…

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Pretty Little Liars: Spencer’s Makeup, Hair, & OOTD for Back to School

Traveling has been hard on my poor little blog.  I have somehow managed to up my YouTube uploading schedule to three times a week, but I just haven’t had a lot of time for photo editing and stuff.  Forgive me?  Great, thanks.  Before I hop on a plane yet again, it’s time to…

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Pretty Little Liars: Hanna’s Makeup, Messy Curls & OOTD for Back to School

Hanna has such a trendy, girly style.  She is the epitome of girly girl in her love for all things beauty, fashion, and bling, which made this look so fun to create. I must admit that part of the reason I love watching Pretty Little Liars is for the girls’ clothes and makeup,…

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Pretty Little Liars: Emily’s Makeup, Hair & OOTD for Back to School

Happy Monday, or shall I say PLL Eve?  I’m sure tomorrow’s episode will be as crazy as ever since we’re on the brink of World War A.  Today I’ve got all of the pictures and tutorials for Emily’s look.  She wears soft, romantic curls to frame her beautiful face that usually sports natural…

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Pretty LIttle Liars (Aria): Hair Chalking Tutorial for Back to School

Did y’all enjoy the first video in my PLL series for back to school?  In addition to a makeup tutorial and OOTD, I’ll also be doing a hair tutorial for each of the PLLs.  Aria typically wears her hair in loose curls, and since I already have a tutorial for that, I thought…

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Pretty Litte Liars: Aria’s Makeup & OOTD for Back to School

The start of my Pretty Little Liars series has finally made it to GlowofGrace.com! I’ve been so excited about this, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it. I’m starting with Aria because she’s the PLL that I relate to the most. I’ve created an Aria-inspired drugstore makeup…

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